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An architectural engineer is required to perform various duties that involve directing and overseeing the structural, mechanical and electrical operations in building projects to ensure efficient utilities. Find below the duties and responsibilities for this position:


  • 01- Study and evaluate construction designs and blueprints to guarantee a feasible plan.
  • 02- Ensure the structural integrity and safety of a proposed structure as opposed to building styles and aesthetics.
  • 03- Identify and solve issues in building plans, structures and prototypes.
  • 04- Validate the structural and mechanical integrity of buildings in anticipation of wind loads, vibrations and earthquakes.
  • 05- Design and analyse air conditioning systems, heating and ventilation while optimizing energy conservation and efficiency.
  • 06- Coordinate with construction professionals like engineers and contractors to monitor and direct construction operations.
  • 07- Conduct estimates to determine the cost of acquiring construction materials.
  • 08- Offer recommendations on necessary alterations and improvements required for increased efficiency.
  • 09- Modify a building design mid-construction to contain additional components as required by a client.
  • 10- Carry out research to identify current trends and developments in architectural engineering.
  • 11- Maintain updated information on safe designs, building codes and material features to establish an environmentally friendly and stable building.
  • 12- Develop architectural details and prepare drawings.
  • 13- Visualize the interior design and prepare detailed drawings.
  • 14- New ideas/trends to adapt and include in architectural drawings.


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